Friends of the Irish Environment today faxed Margo Wallstrom, the EU Environmental Commissioner, seeking her intervention to stop the work that began again this morning again at the site of the Carrickmines Castle Complex. [Read The Letter]
The resumptions comes only days after the European Commission's Expert Report on Carrickmines concluded that on points of 'vital importance shortcomings in the EIS have been found'. The report list three 'errors that have proved to have serious consequences.''

The report was prepared to assess the petition brought by Tony Lowes of FIE and Professor Sean Duffy of Friends of Medieval Dublin. It has been posted to the FIE site with the Irish responses.

A spokesman for FIE said that 'The Commission's obligation is to uphold European law. The Commission must bring proceedings against Ireland to ensure compliance with European law. If Commissioner Wallstrom does not do so, the matter will be brought before the European Ombudsman.

Further comment and verification:
Tony Lowes 027-73025
Irish Language: David Healy: 01 8324087

Read the Report and the Irish Responses
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