Planning in Rosscommon - as in many parts of Ireland - has broken down.
FIE has made selective appeals against the decision of the planning authority in the last year to highlight this breakdown. Largely in an area between Boyle and Carrick-on-Shannon, all of them draw on detailed knowledge of the locality supplied by residents who are both appalled and frightened by the wholesale breakdown in planning in County Roscommon. Of particular concern are the areas where soil conditions make effluent disposal methods unworkable, and where the relevant tests, when done, are not done to the standards required. Using detailed inside information, FIE continues to pursue this Authority to highlight the abuses. The extensive effluent section in the Killmacrrill Appeal is particularly interesting, as an expert consultant was called in and covered the failure to meet the test standards by saying they "almost" conformed to the Regulations.

The Townland of Killmacarril
(see also Inspectors Report)

The Townland of Granny

The Townland of Torreymartin
(see also Inspectors Report)

The Townland of Knocknacarrow

The Townland of Aghacarra

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