SDLP Environment Spokesperson Tommy Gallagher called for on the Executive across the north to support the worldwide Earth Hour electricity switch-off on 29th March by switching off their own lights.

The blackout campaign began last year in Australia to raise awareness of the impact an individual can have on energy consumption.

He said: "At 8:00 PM on Saturday 29th March people in 22 cities around the world will put the lights out for one hour. Dublin will be one of them - Environment Minister John Gormley is a strong supporter of Earth Hour, and so is the Lord Mayor. Government buildings across the south will be in the dark for an hour and I believe we should do no less. One simple act can deliver a powerful message about the need for action on alternative energy, carbon footprint, sustainability and a host of related environmental issues.



"I hope that our Environment Minister will recognise the opportunity for providing leadership, not least by recognising that the government is the largest consumer of energy. If our local councils were to come aboard and make a strong case to people in their local areas, I believe we could get a massive public response. It is often said that all the lights are on in Stormont but there is nobody home - let's make it the other way around for just one hour for the sake of the planet."

SDLP press release 09/03/2008

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