In spite of the world-wide success of Earth Hour with 134 countries taking part in the event, early results suggest that in Ireland the results have been disappointing.

FIE's website recorded a 38% drop in people viewing our Earth Hour page compared to 2010. Eirgrid, the national electricity supply grid coordinators, said there was no significant decrease in demand this year compared to a 2% reduction in 2009. That was the equivalent of lighting for 125,000 houses.

While Earth Hour was supported by the Minister for the Environment and the power companies, there was no national media campaign. This is critical to ensure that people hear about the event and its implications.

Many individuals and groups arranged great events and many lights went out but there was no serious support from the Irish business community. Sustainability is at the top of the agenda of European and international businesses but in Ireland this awareness appears to be absent.


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