FIE is calling for a kick start to a pesticide ‘National Action Plan' after a leaked EU Report on pesticides due to be published shortly reveals that a record proportion of 49% of fruits and vegetables sold in the EU are contaminated with pesticides.

But the percentage of cereal samples containing pesticides residues sold in Ireland doubled from 2005 - 2006 from 17% to 38%.with 11% over the MRL - more than 15 times the EU average.

More than twice as many Irish fruit and vegetables were over the MRL limits compared to fruits and vegetables imported from our European partners. Of 84 apples on sale in Ireland, 61 had pesticide resides at or over the MRL.

FIE has written to the Minister for State for Agriculture and Foods, Trevor Sergeant, urging him to take Pesticide contro, away from the Department of Agriculture and bring them under the Food and Safety Authority and to kick start' to a National Action Plan for pesticides with explicitly mandatory reduction targets.

Press release   |   Report and backup documentation on FIE website   |    Lobbying letters


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