FIE has urged the Minister for the Environment to take strong action to address the EU Court judgment requiring more protection for Ireland's countryside of more than 2 years ago. We call for four actions.

• Notifying landowners of national monuments on their lands.

• Strengthening the forthcoming designation process for Natural Heritage Areas by the inclusion of Notifiable Actions in the notification to Landowners - to these ensure landowners know what they are supposed to protect.

• Stronger statutory standing for the Good Agricultural and Environmental Condition [GAEC] SMRs 1 and SMR 5 covering the conservation of wild birds and the conservation of natural habitats and wild flora and fauna, wherever they occur - administered already as part of the EU Area Aid.

• An increase in the current level of inspections for these Conditions from 1% to 5% to be undertaken jointly with the Department of the Environment, as well as ensuring that complaints from members of the public are addressed through a open and transparent process with statutory standing.

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