FIE has welcomed the European Commission's return to Court to seek daily fines for failure to meet a judgement of the Court three years ago.

Ireland has failed to adopt new legislation to protect the countryside in spite of repeated warnings and comprehensive dossiers supplied to them by this organisation and others documenting the variety and pace of destructions.

While on the one hand advertising and relying on Ireland's landscape and cultural heritage to support a Green image and international tourism, the authorities have done nothing to stop the disfiguring of protected landscapes by bungalow blight, the loss of wetlands to farm ‘improvements', and the destruction of countless archaeological sites - especially ringforts - across the country.

Only last week FIE was informed it was too late to amend the proposed National Monuments Bill to ensure that landowners knew what they were responsible for. The move follows a new warning last week to Ireland over continuing turf cutting in protected raised bogs.

Read the Commissions Press Release | Read our Press Release

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