The European Commission's has issued a Reasoned Opinion, the final step before an application to the European Court of Justice, over the destruction of Ireland's bogs. 

FIE has provided the Commission with two detailed reports over the past 18 months, one on the widespread industrial extraction from unprotected raised bogs in the midlands and the other on continued cutting on the country's most protected bogs.

In an unprecedented move, the Commission has questioned Ireland's ‘loyal cooperation', one of the most serious charges that can be levelled against a member state.

A previous judgment against Ireland in 1999 led to a request to the Court for daily fines, a action withdrawn in 2005 after undertakings were given by Ireland to protect its bogs. One operation cited in the 1999 ECJ judgement against Ireland for failure to assess its impact continues operation to this day still without an assessment - 12 years later.

‘The level of mechanical destruction we have recorded is savage', a spokesman for the group said. ‘Even our own members were shocked at the scale of what is going on'.


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