FIE has written to the European Commission expressing renewed concerns over the ongoing pollution from the abandoned steel works on Haulbowline Island. At a meeting on the island last month with the European Commission, Cork County Council, and the Department of the Environment, FIE found that the proposed licensce will be limited to the 9 hectares of the East Tip dump only. Numerous reports have shown that contaminated waste is wide spread across the 12 hectares of the old steel works site, both in historic dumps and through the build up of waste from the steel making itself.

 The clear identification of contaminated waste at the site of the steelworks which was revealed in the consultants White Young Green Report in 2005 was redacted from their subsequent 2008 Report on which the authorities are basing the licence application. Any licensce application must address the contaminated waste on the entire 20 hectare site to ensure the safety of the public and the environment.

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