Environmentalists warn over relaxing fishing controls
Call for Marine Protection Areas

As Irish fishermen meet with Ministers Smith and Killeen, Friends of the Irish Environment [FIE] has written to the two Ministers and urged them  to heed the advice of its own Marine Institute.

FIE claims the message from the scientists is clear:

"the closure of the fisheries for the species at risk provide the highest probability of recovery for these species and is the ONLY advice possible in the context of the precautionary approach".

The fishermen's demand for payment for retiring boats Boat does nothing for the environment. The removal of these vessels will merely increase the quotas available to the more modern competitive fishing vessels.

FIE is urging the Ministers to adopt the best scientific advice and establish effective marine conservation areas where all fishing is excluded at all times. Easily enforced, this way forward allows fisherman to harvest the upwelling of fish that spill out of these highly productive areas and yet the stocks are protected from over-exploitation.

Listen to the debate between the fishermen and FIE on RTE's Morning Ireland news.

Press release

Letter to Ministers


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