It is said that the truth will out in the end. Bertie Ahern's 2000 ‘tree for every household' promised as part of the Millennium Forest Project was a great con job, pushed by the Cabinet over the professional advisors. Read the original FIE summary. The scientific fact is that of the 1.2 million trees planted, only 5% will survive to maturity because of the thinning necessary in growing broadleaves. In order for the 1.2 million certificates to represent mature trees, more than 25 million would have had to be planted. Instead of woodland planting of 337 hectares, 6,000 hectares would have been required. Now, an audit into the project by the management committee set up to run it has revealed just this, attacking the public's 'confused' perception of what the whole project was about. It wasn't about single trees - as Ahern had said all those years ago - but actually about 'forests'.

 Read the recent Mail on Sunday expose   |   Read about the Woodland League's ‘Where's My Tree' Campaign

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