Relocating the first proposed Irish Liquid Natural Gas [LNG] terminal from the Shannon to near the Kinsale Gas field must be considered, FIE has told the Planning Appeals Board. The European Seveso Directive requires safety distances that are greater than that provided from nearby centres of populations on the Shannon.

Further, the existing gas pipeline from the Kinsale field to Inch could be used, eliminating entirely the need for the proposed new 25 kilometer pipeline required at the Shannon location.

Storage could also be provided at the Kinsale field which would mean LNG could be used provide at least a quarter of national gas demand or be sufficient entirely for the Cork area.

Consideration in the EIS of off shore sites did not include the Kinsale gas field first suggested by scientists at the International Conference of Renewable Energy in Maritime Island Climate in Dublin in 2006.

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Oral Hearing Announced: 21 January 2008, Tralee, Co. Kerry

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