FIE is supporting this summer's Climate Camp, to be held August 15 - 23 to highlight Ireland's peat burning power stations.

The Camp is for anyone who cares about climate change and wants to do something real about it. It is a space where people can gather, live, learn and take action together. The people putting together the Climate Camp are all volunteers, a mixed bunch of all ages, teachers, students, gardeners, media analysts, campaigners and many more.

The Camp is inspired by the energy and impact of the climate camps that have happened in the UK  and in Australia as well as the US and other countries over the past few years. Over the past months the Irish group has grown and agreed upon aims and principles.

They believe it's time to tackle the root causes of climate change - to explore the solutions - and live them.

Get involved! Visit the website.
Email: joinclimatecamp@

And visit our peat page...


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