FIE is today publishing a Report about the industrial legacy of contamination at Haulbowline with more than 20 photographs, including those of waste being buried on the island during the 1990s.

A companion ‘Briefing Document' contains analysis of Reports, documents, and emails relating to dumping on the island 1974 - 2008. The Briefing Document includes the laboratory results from testing of the surface of the site during 2008 and of the hazardous waste exported to Germany 2007 - 2008.

The results in these tests make it clear that the levels of heavy metals on the East Tip of Haulbowline Island are many times the DIV [Dutch Intervention Values] and far, far, far in excess of what Irish law permits or what the Department of the Environment has revealed.

Toxic Island: The Story of Haulbowline Island   |   Briefing document   |   Press Release


The Department of the Environment told the Irish Examiner last week that ‘The contractor may have sent them but we cannot locate them [NRGE Report]'.

We add to our BRIEFING DOCUMENT a 28 August 2008 letter from the Department acknowledging the delivery of the Safety File confirming ‘Section 4 contains a report by a NRGE Engineer'. It also refers to section 5, ‘Shipping Analysis Reports by Ships.'

The Department must stop the cover-up now and release these test results, which show levels of contamination far far far beyond anything suggested by the figures released to date by the Minister.



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