The Irish Examiner breaks the story of the eastern European workers who were sent onto Haulbowline Island to ‘clean up' the surface and shift 112,000 tons of contaminated material without any knowledge of the lethal content that countless reports had established was present.The Examiner ran the story largest on its front page yesterday but omitted the story from its website. Why?

People's health were put at risk because the operations that the Department of the Environment contracted to be done were unlicensed activities at an unauthorised hazardous landfill done without benefit of any environmental assessment whatsoever - and flying in the face of consultants' warnings of creating any disturbance going back more than 10 years - Reports that were not released to the contractors - or FIE - until more than 18 months of investigation.

If there is proof of a connection between the clean up work and these illnesses then what defence can the State make when they themselves wrote a contract for work that was unauthorised and illegal? And still their last letter to us makes no mention of applying for a licence - the cover up went too far and can't be reversed now.

See the photos of the cleanup   |   Read the State's response to our letter threatening legal action if they don't apply for a licence. | Read the Examiner Story | Read FIE's Toxic Island illustrated study  | and the studies that were never shown to the workers.

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