The Manager,

Cork County Council,

County Hall, Cork City

14 April, 2000

Part X Planning Application for 400 meter breakwater, marina, extension to piers, parking, roadways, access, and ancillary developments at Baltimore Harbour, County Cork

Dear Sir;

We have been made aware by concerned residents of a current proposal to construct a breakwater, marina, parking area, and ancillary developments at Baltimore, County Cork.

We refer to the Baltimore Harbour Proposed Development Plan Preliminary Report prepared for your authority by D. Fitzgibbon & Associates and dated November 1997.

In particular, we refer to page 12 of that report entitled Specialist Services and we quote this section in full:

"A detailed examination by Specialists of the following will be required prior to implementation of the Report.

a) Hydrographic Survey of the approach channel

b) Soil Investigation in the area to be developed

c) A wave/siltation study.

d) An Environmental Impact Assessment."

The cost of these studies including legal and other fees was given as £597,000.

We understand that you are considering approval of the above development in the absence of these studies as recommended by your Consultant Engineers.

We would be grateful for your confirmation of this situation as it would appear to us that with the evidence of the likely significant detrimental effect on the environment contained in this report and represented by the recommended further studies, it would be manifestly unreasonable and/or ultra vires to authorise this development before completion of these studies.

We would be grateful for an early reply


cc: Noel Dempsey, Minister for the Environment

Thomas Tobin, Principal, Department of the Marine Coastal Zone Administration Division.

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