FIE has welcomed the clarification provided by the European Commission on the imposition of fines and penalties as long as Ireland fails to address poorly managed or controlled septic tanks which may cause significant harm to the environment and human health.

Deputy Éamon O'Cuiv recently suggested he would rather go to jail than pay for the proposed inspections and Marian Harkin MEP has organised a series of meetings in opposition to the EU Court requirements.

FIE has supplied information to the Comission which was used in these proceedings and has long sought an end to the practises which led to the construction of dwelling houses on soils unsuitable for septic tanks.

Senior council officials and Managers overruled the advice of their planners and many councillors supported motions to give development consent where the professional staff advised against it.

Any question of liability now must consider these factors. Because of the delay in dealing with these issues, Ireland is certain to receive its first environmental fine - it is now only a case of how much.


EU Statement

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