Turf Cutters' and Contractors' Association [TCCA] are continuing a series of meetings designed to inflame resistance to the lawful end to turf cutting on protected bogs next spring. They present themselves as ‘wholly innocent victims in this debacle', with the Government having ' ‘bullied, threatened, swindled and betrayed peace loving Turf Cutters'.

The Peatland Council has failed to disabuse the turf cutters of proposals they have made which are legally or scientifically impossible or impractical - including hydrological liners, de-designation, and relocation to bogs capable of restoration.

We debate the issue on the Pat Kenny Show with Luke Flannagan, the TD and spokesman for the TCCA. Read our proposal to give the turf cutters a Home Energy Programme worth up to €16,000, using the proposed compensation and grants available from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland. This will tackle fuel poverty at its source and give the cutters generous recompense for their lose - an improved home that will save money on fuel far into the future.

And watch the video shown at the Ploughing Championship claiming that in spite of massive machinery 'turf cutting is continuing at the same pace through the generations'.


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