Irish lights accused of ‘vandalism'

The famous ‘Colt Rock' - a rock in the western part of Castletown's harbour with an iconic cut out sign of a young horse mounted on it many years ago - is scheduled for felling today. It was only in the last few days that some residents became aware of the plans of Irish Lights to ‘light' the rock with a navigation light to increase safety. Irish Lights have stated that in order to do this, the sign will be cut down.

There is great outrage over this plan as the sign is a local icon and a good luck token for the fishing community and dates back beyond living memory.

Irish Lights, who have behaved towards us with the greatest arrogance and condescension, informed us that the required Notice to Mariners was issued six weeks ago. This was not true. Minister of State Tony Killeen contacted us late Tuesday night with a copy of the notice. It was issued Monday evening, the day after we first approached Irish Lights. It gives 8 October as the day of the felling. 

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