The proposed Bantry by-Pass is being ‘planned by stealth', with drawings not being made available for public consultation, even though the route has been chosen and construction is said to be planned to start next March.

In fact the map seen of the ‘By-Pass' would suggest that it is nothing of the sort. The dictionary definition of a by-pass is 'to go round instead of through a town.' The proposed Bantry ‘By-Pass' will cut through historic areas of the town and isolate houses that are currently part of a tight knit community.

‘The fear is that a ‘quick and cheap' by-pass will be pushed through populated areas because of the economic circumstances which we will regret down the line, when traffic demands may be significantly reduced by the dramatic rise in the cost of private transport'.

‘If the maps currently held in the Bantry office of the local authority are part of a serious proposal, the public should be told now and the maps openly published.'

 Press Release

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