As an awareness raising initiative and in influencing behavioral change by consumers, the introduction of a plastic bag levy in 2003 has been an unprecedented success. It has achieved what the European Commission has often stated is that most difficult of objects - to change individual's behavior.

Prior to the introduction of the levy it is estimated that over 1.2 billion plastic bags were given out annually in Ireland - roughly 328 bags per capita per year. When the levy was introduced in 2002 this fell to 21 bags per capita.

The National Litter Pollution Monitoring System showed that before the levy, 5% of all litter was plastic bags. The 2006 figure is 0.5%.

Last July the levy was increased from 15 cent to 22 cent to ensure the positive effect on our environment was maintained. The annual usage, which stood at 33 bags per capita, fell again to 21 bags per capita.

Receipts collected by the Revenue Commissioners have realised almost €98 million to date for an Environmental Fund.

Source: DoE 19.03.08


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