To: The children of Mount Anville School,
Lower Kilmacud Road, Stillorgan, County Dublin.
14 May, 2009

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Dear Children of Mount Anville School;

We are very sorry if you are unhappy today because you had planned a fund raising event with balloons which we stopped!

We hope you will understand that environmental groups all over the world are joining together to prevent the release of balloons into our environment.

While many of these balloons do fragment high in the skies, some will always come down on land or sea. Science has shown that these balloons can and have killed animals - like turtles.


While we are not against balloons at all, we support the Marine Conservation Council's campaign to DON'T LET GO - enjoy balloons but make sure that they end up in the bin, not in the oceans!

To help make up for your disappointment, we have asked the World Wildlife Fund to send an injured turtle to a rehabilitation centre in your school's name.

This means that a turtle that has been injured - by for example eating a balloon instead of a jellyfish - will be cared for in a unique rehabilitation centre in Indonesia. When you send a turtle to rehab it gives sea turtles in Indonesia, and around the world, a better chance of survival.

If we had enough money we would have liked to let your school name a real sea turtle on which the World Wildlife Fund puts a satellite tracker. They then let the turtle back out to sea with webpage where you can track where it travels. Other turtles have been tagged in South American and tracked all the way to Africa!

We very much like your website with its pictures of how ‘We've Gone Green!' and hope you will look at other websites that show you how we can keep the whole world clean and green.

With best wishes,

All at Friends of the Irish Environment

See about the World Wildlife Funds work for turtles:

Ref: From: WWF - World Wide Fund for Nature (World Wildlife Fund) Merchant's cart ID: WWF Int. Gift 2006 - Send a Turtle to Rehab Authorisation Date/Time: 13/May/2009 20:44:46 RBS WorldPay's transaction ID: 813407342


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