As Spirit of Ireland ramps up the publicity FIE is releasing the Government's ‘Scientific Advisor's' letter lauding the project obtained under Access to Information on the Environment legislation.

The ‘Scientific Advisor' letter is clearly lacking in scientific objectivity, let alone any serious analysis or consideration of potential adverse environmental impacts. It reads, frankly, like the product of a public relations department.

FIE is seeking answers to 3 questions:

Is compulsory purchase required by the government of the mountain valleys?
Is a ‘bypass' of the planning legislation proposed?
Must the national transmission grid be radically redesigned?

‘A you can imagine', wrote one senior Department of Energy official, ‘there would also be very substantial geological, geophysical, environmental, habitat and social issues to be dealt with, even before you consider the fact that the interconnector with other EU markets would deliver the same benefits at a fraction of the price.'

Read the ‘Scientific Advisor's' letter . | Read the critique in The Journal ‘Sustainability'. | Read the Sunday Times

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