Ireland in turn is then required to ‘provide an opportunity to the public in areas likely to be affected to participate in the Environmental Impact Assessment [EIA] procedures regarding proposed activities and shall ensure that the opportunity provided to the public of the affected Party is equivalent to that provided to the public of the Party of origin’.

The UK EIA states that the nuclear plant will not have any impact beyond the Severn Estuary on which it is located, in spite of the fact that simple modelling – and the Austrian Environmental Agency has done this [url below] show that any severe accident may cause transboundary impacts (e.g. radioactive contamination) if necessary measures are not implemented.

The issue here is anti or pro nuclear – simply the right to be consulted.

We are a small non–governmental environmental organisation that have established a complaint under this convention with the United Nations Compliance Committee which will be considered at a meeting in Geneva on 5 September, 2013, along with a similar complaint from a Member of the German Parliament on behalf of Germany.

We would urge you to place a motion before your council asking them to complain to the Espoo Convention Compliance Committee so that all of us may exercise our rights to public participation in a matter than could affect us all.

It is not possible for us to send to you by these mailing copies of all the documents, but they are freely available on our website by following the urls below.

The complaint form is very straightforward.

Respectfully yours,

Friends of the Irish Environment

Contact: Tony Lowes 027 74771 /087 2176316


FIE submission to Espoo Compliance Committee

Austrian Environmental Agency Maps of possible contamination

Friends of the Irish Environment

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All Ireland

Right to be consulted over new UK Nuclear Plant

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