As unprecedented wildfires destroy thousands of hectares of upland gorse and heather and scrub and put homes and lives at risk, 19 Environmental NGOs have written to the new Minster for Agriculture, Simon Coveney urging him to address ‘the economic incentive encouraging farmers to burn scrub land'. 

Stricter enforcement of the terms and conditions for Single Payments Scheme to farmers require areas of scrub and even any part of hedgerows growing into fields to be marked on the farmer's application and excluded from payments.

"The economic reality is that Ireland has interpreted the European requirements to mean strict enforcement of terms and conditions whereby only ‘utilisable areas' are eligible for payment.

The NGOs want these areas switched from Single Area Payments to a Forestry Transitional Scrub scheme, a measure that is revenue neutral but would encourage management of the areas and end the incentive to burn the land to qualify for grants.


Press Release   |  Letter to the Minister


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