TO Patricia McKenna. MEP

June 7, 1999

Dear Patricia;

Many thanks for your letter of concern over Friends of the Irish Environment's intervention in the regeneration of Ballymun.

I am surprised you did not know about our involvement with the community there and the outcome. I wrote to you about this matter on 13 May in a covering letter to a printed copy of our first joint appeal with a resident of Ballymun on the day which we lodged that appeal. I attach a copy of this letter.

A further copy of the appeal was sent by e-mail to the Green Party National Office on 15 May, 1999.

The Ballymun Forums copied their letter to Friends of the Irish Environment to you on 19 May, 1999. From our point of view perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the case is that you went to your meeting on 26 May in the full knowledge that our representations were the cause of some disquiet without contacting us for our side of the story.

I do not know if the Ballymun Forums have shown you our reply to them outlining the residents position we are supporting and the research we have done to date. I am attaching this, which is also available on our website in the interest of openness, as are all replies we make to representations we receive, including this letter.

Both our fellow appellant, Robert Guillemot 01 8622106, and the spokesperson for the joint residents groups involved, Vincent Magozoli 01 8362712- as distinct from the BRL sponsored Forums - are available to answer any questions you might have.

We are of course acutely aware of the desperate need for rehousing in Ballymun and the many false dawns the residents have endured, but I am sure you would agree that not doing the job properly will only cause the residents more misery in the long run and I urge you to examine the case that we have presented for an Environmental Impact Statement with some care as I know you have the best interests of the residents at heart.

As I said to you in my letter of 13 May, "We know that our appeal will be characterised as vexatious and trivial but there is a matter of great substance contained within with very serious consequences for a great many people."

Something has gone very wrong in the planning process here which we believe also has wide implications for pre-mature development throughout the north Dublin fringe and elsewhere in urban and urban agglomerates throughout Ireland.

I hope to hear from you soon,

Best wishes,

Tony Lowes

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