The environmental watchdog Friends of the Irish Environment has called for The EPA to notify consumers of exceedences of World Health Organisation [WHO] chemical standards in public water supplies. 

According to figures released to the group under Access to Information on the Environment, almost 600,000 consumers are receiving water that exceeds the WHO limits for the cancer-causing chemicals known as trihalomethanes [THM].

24 Counties had supplies over the THM limit. 14 Counties had double the limit. The current EPA Remedial Action list has 33 treatment plants due for upgrading because of THM exceedences, with 7 water sources listed for abandonment and 3 plants listed for closure. Some of these have no dates for work and yet no public notices have been issued while the water continues to be consumed.

PRESS RELEASE    | EPA Chemical exceedences spreadsheet by population  |   Chemical Exceedences spreadsheet edited to show THMs only for 598,591 consumers

    Media Coverage

The fact is that 153 Water Supply Zones (WSZ) of the 979 tested (there are 2157 WSZ) exceed the safe WHO limit, providing 598,951 people with this water.  Only the EPA could translate this into 99% compliance and only RTE could not report it when the true figures emerge.


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