FIE's work on analysing the failure by Local Authorities to provide clean and wholesome drinking water has shown that 1,153,732 people are receiving water that is seriously and persistently over the legal parameters. These supplies have been placed by the EPA on the Remedial Action List which the law requires the public to be notified - but there has been virtually no public notification whatsoever. And the Remedial Action List only reveals public supplies in need of urgent action. No mention is made of private or public group water schemes which cover a further 500,000 people and are generally poorer in quality.

Read about this in the Irish Times. |   Read our Press Briefing  |  See the top ten problems, from cryptosporidium to disinfectant by products  |  Read our request to the EPA to remove the password protection from their on-line databases that is concealing then true state of our drinking water from the public. Contact us if you want to know about the water quality in your area. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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