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Download this file (The Planning Authority retention 10.08.14.doc)The Planning Authority retention 10.08.14.doc[Objection to Marine Harvest fish farm pipeline]1342 kB

The appeal to the Information Commissioner to release the Report on the virtual wipe out of a fish farm in Bantry Bay on 2 February, 2014, where 230,000 salmon were lost.


Download this file (Gerahies IC appeal 2.07.14.pdf)Gerahies IC appeal 2.07.14.pdf[Appeal against refusal to release Bantry Bay fish farm disaster Report]174 kB

In a submission to the National Peatlands Strategy, Friends of the Irish Environment have pointed out that total emissions from our bogs are of the same scale as total emissions from the transport sector. However, the importance of our peatlands for the climate is not correctly acknowledged by the draft Strategy. As a result the draft Strategy fails to integrate with climate change policy and indeed is in conflict with Ireland's obligations under the UNFCCC.

Download this file (FIE submission on national climate policy development consultation 2012 (1).pdf)FIE submission on national climate policy development consultation 2012 (1).pdf[Peatlands and climate change submission]62 kB

The internal appeal against the Department of Agriculture's refusal to release the Engineer's Report on the escape of 220,000 salmon from a fish farm at Gerahies, Bantry Bay

Download this file (Gerahies appeal 5.05.14.pdf)Gerahies appeal[Appeal against refusal for accident report]115 kB

The National Parks and Wildlife Service has applied to Kerry County Council to construct a 1 km paved road at the western edge of KillarneyNational Park to facilitate human access to the heart of one of Europe and Ireland’s most sensitive nature conservation sites.

The site is a National Park, a Special Area of Conservation, A Special Protection Area for Birds, a Natural Heritage Area, and a Core areas of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. It is defined in the Management Plan as ‘a wilderness area composed of a mosaic of wildlife habitats’.

The requirements for the protection of this UNESCO Biosphere core zone would be flaunted by this development. Only ‘transitional areas’ outside of ‘core zones’ and ‘buffer zones’ in Biospheres are considered suitable for recreational activities. As UNESCO states ‘the life-supporting areas of Earth are valuable and fragile, and need to be treated with care by human beings.’

Download this file (KCC Cascade objection.pdf)KCC Cascade objection.pdf[Objection to Kilarney National Park road]156 kB