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Letter from the Implementation Committee of the United Nations Convention on Environmental Impact Assessment in a Transboundary Context [Espoo] that found there is a ‘profound suspicion of non–compliance’ over the failure of the United Kingdom to undertake trans–boundary consultations for the construction of a new nuclear plant at Hinkley Point on the Severn Estuary in Somerset, England.

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Letter to the Ombudsman asking if he has closed the case against the Department of Agriculture without having heard the other side. The case appears to have been closed solely on the word of the Department against which the complaint was leveled by FIE. A recent parliamentary written reply refers.

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FIE has appealed to the European Commission to enforce the European Court of Justice 1999 ruling against Ireland for failure to assess peat extraction. The Judgment required Ireland to ensure that Environmental Impact Assessment [EIA] takes place for the wide spread industrial extraction of peat. Ireland’s failure to do this led to a return to Court seeking daily fines of more than €20,000. But this case was withdrawn on the bais of 3 commitments for Ireland. Five years later these committeemen’s have been entirely ignored and industrial extraction has dramatically increased and not a single EIA has been done. Includes April 2010 Site Reports of 4 sites in County Westmeath.

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A report on the proposed implementation in Ireland of Directive 2003/35/EC on Public Participation and Access to Justice. Includes minutes of an ENGO activist's meeting on problems experienced in seeking information and particularly on the increasing barriers to accessing the Irish courts.

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THM Exceedences Figures published by the EPA do not include the number of consumers exposed to exceedences of permitted levels of THMs in public water supplies and the individual supplies are not named on their website. Under Access to Information on the Environment, the EPA released figures to FIE which show 598,951 consumers are receiving water exceeding the WHO limits. This spread sheet is extracted from the spread sheet provided by the EPA and also posted to our website. It shows only the water supply consumers with THM exceedences - 598,951 consumers.