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A pre slaughter chemical residue test on a Marine Harvests’ ‘organic’ salmon showed traces of 10 chemicals. None of them are listed in the State’s annual Report of chemical residues published by the Marine Institute – part of the Department of Agriculture which supports an massive expansion of this industry - as they are below the ‘minimum residue level'. The chemicals including dyes which are illegal, artificial preservatives which are not permitted in organic production, anti-parasite drugs which have been shown to cause mutation world wide in just 11 years in the targeted lice, and anti-biotics which the World Health Organisation is seeking to have banned from agriculture to preserve their effectiveness in human diseases. The presence of the chemicals are hotly denied by the company and the IFA.  READ THE ARTICLE in the current Village Magazine.

Letter from the EU Ombudsman closing the complaint against the Commission over THMs. FIE has written a detailed letter appealing the decision as the Commission failed to investigate the claims of the Irish state and simply took their word at face value.

Read the letter.

FIE’s 28 page appeal against the expansion of the Norwegian Multinational Marine Harvest’s salmon farm in Bantry Bay. It addresses the scientific inaccuracies and omission in the Environmental Impact Statement and demonstrates that by failing to cooperate with the authorities during Departmental annual audits as required by their licence the company is not a ‘fit person’ to hold a further licence.

The appeal concludes: ‘If Ireland is serious about feeding people, farmed salmon are not a sustainable food source as the fish required to feed them could and should go directly to feeding human beings’.

Read the Appeal

EU update on trihalomethanes from December 2015. FIE has written to correct the misrepresentations of Irish Water and brief the Commission for their March 2016 meeting. Read the letter.



The Department of Agriculture, Food, and Fisheries’ refusal to release the accident report on the loss of 230,000 salmon in a February 2014 storm has been annulled by the Information Commission, Peter Tyndal.

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