Cockles: As cockle prices rocketed the number of boats fitted out with continuous delivery hydraulic dredging equipment, increased from 3 in 2001 to 21 in 2004. This resulted in the crash of the main Dundalk Cockle fishery . Now the dredging boats have redirected their efforts to other cockle beds and other species.


Scallops: The amount of harvesting equipment per vessel has increased to such an extent that the harvesting capacity exceeds the resource. Therefore current levels of fishing are unsustainable.


Razor Clam: Too many boats changed their equipment to participate in razor clam fishing which resulted in stock depletion.Today there are virtually no landings on the West coast and the large east coast beds are so depleted that they are uneconomic to harvest.


Surf Clams: With the exception of one fishery, all of those examined to date have been exploited with some of them heavily fished. This resource is a relatively limited one on which excess capacity from other dredge fisheries is being directed.