Brown Crab: One of the most important inshore species which has undergone a sharp fall in landings. Over the last few years a large proportion of brown crabs are caught by offshore super crabber boats. The rate of increase of catch is unsustainable.


Spider Crab: The national size limit is not being enforced. Tangle nets are being used to harvest male claws. It is vital that tangle nets are banned. In addition immature and small adults are being used as whelk bait and this is not sustainable.


Velvet Crab: There is no management of this species and the status of this species is not known. The processing sector have reported the loss of larger grades from landed catches.


Crawfish: Crawfish stocks are severly depleted and it is vital that action is taken to protect this species. In particular the fisheries science services recomend a ban on the use of crawfish tangle nets. Even where areas have been closed to tangle nets there is no enforcement and crawfish are captured in large numbers.