Over fishing has a number of environmental impacts on the inshore environment. We are not the only species that need food from the sea. Marine species have no alternative food source and no shops to go to. Over fishing results in their starvation.


Local Extinctions particularly of Keystone species alter community structure often irreversibly. Bycatch is particularly wasteful and destructive.


Many Inshore areas are protected areas particularly estuaries and sand banks. These areas are vital for over wintering birds. Inshore regions are also important for juvenile fish which can be damaged depleting important offshore fishing stocks.


Bottom trawling, box and hydraulic dredging used to harvest bivalves damage the sea bed and can irreparably alter the natural communities and expose vulnerable marine organisms to predators. Hydraulic dredging fluidises the sea bed and fine sediments are lost. Tangle nets ,used for crabs and crawfish, catch indescriminantly.


Humans are part of the natural environment and inshore fisheries are an important food source. If we don't ensure sustainable management of all fisheries then it raises questions about our own survival as a species.