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14 September, 2007


Northern Ireland doesn't have an Environmental Protection Agency!

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The true story behind the Kildare Bypass and the ‘snail’…

A study of the Kildare By-Pass controversy that tells the story as it was, rather than the Government spin that a snail was responsible for the halting of the bypass. NOW: With a copy of the original 1998 Complaint to the European Commission. CLICK HERE.

There is no doubt that certification of Coillte Teo's forestry by the Forest Stewardship Council is the greatest obstacle to changing Ireland's forestry practices to prevent the ongoing environmental damage.

At every turn the Government and the State Forestry Board, Coillte Teo, trumpet the Certificate of good forest management'  now renewed until 2011 for forests that are managed in accordance with 'strict social, environmental and economic criteria'.

It is a double blow.

On the one hand, certification rubber stamps practices such as clearfelling on sensitive sites and replanting with the same non-native conifers using the same ecologically disrupting methods of management.

On the other hand, environmentalists are trapped into supporting a green label developed by fellow NGOs. The public believe green labels are supported by NGOs because they are supposed to have critical national input. In Ireland they have had almost none.

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