Ireland now has the highest rate in Europe of two of the diseases caused by slurry in drinking water, cryptosporidium and STEC [e.coli]. With only token set-backs of 2 metres from our drinking water abstraction bodies, contamination of water supplies by slurry spreading is creating a direct danger to public health and consequent cost to the health service.

With ever increasing production, farmers must be required to use separation or anaerobic digesters on this ‘waste' to reduce the need for slurry spreading and prevent the health risks of contamination of the country's drinking water.   READ THE STORY.


According to figures released to FIE under Access to Information on the Environment, almost 600,000 consumers are receiving water that exceeds the WHO limits for the cancer-causing chemicals known as trihalomethanes [THM].

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Shannon LNG has been accused of 'free riding' by the ESB as it claims to be exemot from any charge sharing for the new interconnector with the UK. Read More .


Friends of the Irish Environment are urging the Kerry Group to publicly release its greenhouse gas emission figures as the Company is ranked 294th in a new UK Report on the 300 largest companies in Europe.