A debate on Radio Kerry on 26 April 2010 between FIE and the Kerry IFA on the burning of the mountains, which over the previous week were estimated to cost the country more than €2 million. 20 minutes - contains strong language!

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FIE talks to Gareth O'Callahan on 4FM's Breakfast Show about why the plastic bag levy should be extended to paper bags,

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FIE talked to a number of radio stations about Dead Zones and the nitrogen fertilizers that have been identified as a key factor. This interview with Donegal Radio is a good example of the kind of questions that are being asked about the spread of Dead Zones around the world, including the 20 along the Irish coast. Our Marine Home page gives a link to our Dead Zone page with more information.

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Matt Cooper of Today FM referees a lively debate on the ‘phenomenon’ of Ireland’s ghost estates – half built and finished but virtually unoccupied estates built in the boom years. Cooper challenges Parlon’s contention that ‘no one knew’ it would end like this. Lowes went for Parlon’s assertion that the estate were properly planned and authorised, claiming that pressure from Councillors and business interest had led to a collapse of the planning system.

After the debate, the show received dozen of texts from residents in such estates around the country, contradicting Parlon’s denial of their existence and showing the number and extent of these wasting assets, now valued at between 9 and 12 billion euro.

Listen to the debate. [MP3 11MB]


Read the print media on the Ghost Estates


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This Dead Zone interview on Mooney’s RTE 1 Radio Show particularly highlights the urgent need to increase the buffer zone protection of Irish watercourses which have been reduced at the Irish Farmer's Associations request to 1.5 metres on even our designated rivers. International best practice requires buffer zones on many Irish soils many times that distance. Our Marine Home page gives a link to our Dead Zone page with more information.

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