FIE has filed an objection to the revised licence for the ESB’s Moneypoint power station. Moneypoint is Ireland’s only coal fired power plant and the country’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases.


While the licence principally relates to a proposed increase in the capacity of the ash storage area, FIE says that granting any revised licence would be in breach of the State’s commitments and obligations under the Paris Agreement on Climate Change signed last year by Ireland.


The group also cites the constitutional obligation to vigilantly and effectively protect the environment and intergenerational solidarity recently identified by the High Court.


FIE told the EPA that their ‘lax and forgiving approach to fundamental issues of stewardship of the environment in trust for future generations breaches these obligations.’


FIE also argued that a transboundary consultation should have taken place under the Espoo and Aarhus Convention, as well as under EU and national law ‘the ease of transport of airborne and other pollutants’.


The groups spokesman said that ‘Climate change appears so far from the EPA’s considerations that its assessment of accidents and accident prevention fails to take account of sea level rise, flooding and/or storm surges that may occur as a result of global warming. Further, the EPA appears not to understand that assessments under EIA law requires that the extraction, processing and transportation of the coal used at Moneypoint must also be assessed as it is a direct effect of the operation of the power plant.



The groups objection was filed with a request for an oral hearing as the period for objections closed at 5pm yesterday, 28 September 2017. 


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